Sim?n Bol?var International Airport? Maiquet?a, Venezuela

Taxes and rates to pay at this airport are:

  • VAT:

    8% of the base rate of the national flight ticket (to Los Roques).

    6% of the base rate of the international flight ticket (to Costa Rica).

  • INAC Taxes: 1% of the base rate of the ticket.
  • Airport tax:

    National flights (Los Roques): 4 TU = VEF 1.200.

    International flights (Costa Rica): 10 TU = VEF 3.000.

  • International exit tax: 4 TU = VEF 1.200 due to exit of a person travelling abroad from the airport of Maiquetia pursuant to Article 46 of the Law of Stamp Tax of the State of Vargas (Extraordinary Official Gazette of the State of Vargas No. 839 [2015]).
  • Biodiversity tax: 3 TU = VEF 900 due to ozonization service installed at the Simon Bolivar International Airport of Maiquetia to eliminate environmental pollution and provide health protection.

These taxes and rates are included in the tickets. The International Exit and Airport taxes do not apply for children.