Relax in its beautiful sandy beaches and take the plunge in its spectacular waters of different shades of blue tones. This will be the time of your life.

Beautiful Cays to Relax On

This is the perfect destination to clear your mind and enjoy the sun and white sands. The most popular cays of Los Roques islands are Franciski, Madriski and Cayo Agua.

Extreme Waters

Put in practice your skills with the variety of watersports Los Roques offers. Move with the famous trade winds to waterslide as kitesurfing, windsurfing, flight boarding or sailing.

When Fishing Becomes Sport

Los Roques is one of the most important places in the world to fish Bone Fish (Makabi). Other species you can also find are shad, red mullet and barracuda.

Undersea adventures

Los Roques is rich in coral reefs where to dive and go snorkeling or scuba diving. There are over 18 diving spots, being La Guasa the most visited among them.

This National Park is the 3rd more unspoilt archipelago of the world, located one hour far from Caracas (North latitude: 11?42? and 12?04?, Longitude: 66? 30? and 67? 00?), and with its crystalline waters, you will feel like in the farthest place on Earth.

Los Roques is one of the main attractions of the country among tourists and the destinion by excellence among foreigners staying in Venezuela. They all say it is such an extravagant natural beauty like there is no other in the world.

Los Rosques National Park consists of around 50 islands and other 292 integrated cays, a great attraction for most tourists affirming to have found the most captivating place of the world.

You can stay at lodges going from the most luxurious and exclusive to the simplest ones, most of which include breakfast. You can enjoy of the beautiful view by the seashore, very much accurate for a pleasant stay.

Most logdes include transport to cays like Madriski and Franciski since these are the closest to El Gran Roque island.

The main island, El Gran Roque is the only inhabited island and where the airport is placed. Other important islands are Franciski, Nordiski, Madriski, Crasqui and Cayo Agua. However, these are not the only ones you can get satisfied with.

Since it is a National Park, the archipelago must be preserved and visitors must follow the commendations by Inparques in order to keep it safe. Those interested in visiting the islands must pay an entry ticket.

This Paradise of turquoise waters offers you a wide range of options in terms of recreation and entertainment whether to enjoy of the sun of simply relaxing activities; you can also take riskier sport activities.

It is common to find couples, groups of friends or families having fun on the white sands.

One of the trips you can make in Los Roques takes you around in Catamaran to visit other cays and share lunch time in family with beautiful views of the ocean.

Sunbathing over white sand and beautiful turquoise waters, far from the city, is a priviledge what only those who visit the archipelago can enjoy.

If you are a man or a woman of sports, Los Roques is the right way to go to. There you will find different beautiful shades of blue while taking the plunge.

To best enjoy the view, you can do paddle safari, kayak or go waterskiing if you are rather a risk taker.

Besides, you can experience what the undersea world is like in the archipelago and what it has for you when scuba diving or snorkeling by the coral reefs.

Among the species you see there are:

  • Cat sharks
  • Grouper, mackerels, yellowtails, snappers
  • Lobsters and crab
  • Shellfish
  • Shrimps
  • Corals

This is your chance to relax in this tropical Paradise. Come and fly with us to Los Roques. Albatros Airlines takes As far as you dream it…