Dangerous Goods

Albatros Airlines will not transport objects or substances meaing a possible risk of health, security, properties or the environment and/or are noted in the following list:

Clase 1 |? Explosives

Firecrackers / FireworksAlbatros Airlines | Material Explosivo
Sporting ammunition

Clase 2 |?Gasses

Albatros Airlines | GasesFire extinguisher
Gas cylinder
Sprays / inhalor
Oxygen cylinder

Clase 3 |?Flammable liquid

Adhesive / GlueAlbatros Airlines | L?quidos Inflamables
Acetone / Perfume products
Paint, resin, varnish
Oil products

Clase 4 |?Flammable solid

Albatros Airlines | Solidos InflamablesMatches
Metallic powder (Zinc / magnesium)
Lithium / Sodium
Wet fuel

Clase 5 |? Oxidising substances and peroxides

Albatros Airlines | ComburentesFertilizing
Ammonium nitrate
Chlorine / Oxygen generators

Clase 6?| Toxic Substances and infectious

Albatros Airlines | Sustancias T?xicasPesticide

Clase 7?| Radioactive materials

Albatros Airlines | Material RadiactivoAlarms or Smoke detector

Clase 8?| Corrosives

Albatros Airlines | Material CorrosivoBateries
Home cleaners

Clase 9?| Others

Albatros Airlines | Materiales VariosElectrically triggering devices
Dry ice, mangets, and environmental dangerous substances
Irritating substances

The following goods are considered dangerous: explosives, comprised gases, oxidisings, corrosives, flammable liquids and solids, loaded fire weapons, radioactive materials and poison.

Some of the banned products are: paints, MACE tear gas, lighter fluids, oxygen cylinder and fireworks.

Personal items such as: deodorant, nail polish, perfume and some medicines are allowed as luggage by limited quantities.

Hand luggage items must not exceed the ounces by item of a small plastic bag. The items in the checked luggage must not exceed 16 ounces by item or total 70 ounces by passenger.

Lastly, blunt instruments and sharp objects as shown in the pictures will not be allowed in the flights:

Elementos punzo penetrantes