Join us and discover the mecca of ecotourism, the country of “PURA VIDA” hosting one of the most ecologic diversities of the planet.

Active Volcanoes

Costa Rica features over 100 volcanoes and at least 10 of them currently active. All visitors are welcome to enjoy this amezing journey. The most visited are Poas, Irazu, Turrialba and Arenal.

Long Life For The Birds And Botanic

With more than 800 species of birds, the hummingbirds, macaws and toucan stand out as the most fascinating flying creatures there. In Costa Rica, there are more than one thousand species of orchids.

Ecologic adrenaline

Costa Rica is a bountiful country in terms of rapids and waterfalls which serve as a watersport field for rafting in Pacaure River. Besides, you can experience rappelling in its tropical jungles.

Protect Nature

Costa Rica is the country with the most protectionist awareness of nature covering a 25% of the total surface. There are around 17 national parks such as El Tortuguero, and 7 biological reserves such as Monteverde.

Every year thousands of tourists visit the country of PURA VIDA. Costa Rica features all the necessary elements to make your experience like no other.

Tourists look for closer contact with nature, its plants and wildlife, an important reason to visit this country located in the tropic, rounded by both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Having breakfast in the Caribbean side and then dinner in the Pacific?s is only one of the multiple activities you can do in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is home to 5% of the world?s wildlife spread around its 50.000km2. Animals like jaguars, monkeys, armadillos, sloths, coatis, around 200 amphibians, more than 800 birds, tropical fish, mantas, sharks and humpback whales can be found there.

But not everything is jungle. You can also visit beautiful beaches such as the Nocoya Peninsula in Guanacaste. If you are a surf lover, there are white sandy beaches and coral reefs.

In the mids XX century Costa Rica abolished its army and maintains its decree to date, making the country become a role model for democracy in Central America. Not having an army since 1948 has provided Costa Ricans with a more peaceful lifestyle.

More than a simple greet, Pura Vida is a reflection that Costa Rica is all about embracing life. For ?ticos?, the expression is part of their lifestyle, a sense of serenity, a path toward peace.

This phrase is frequently used by Costa Ricans. It has basically become in the country?s slogan meaning different things, from what they are to how the greet.

One of its most emblematic representations is the sloth bear, a very popular species living in this country that has helped to promote biodiversity in Costa Rica and its peaceful lifestyle.

To find out more about this lifestyle, you must visit and know Costa Rican beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, forests, rivers, crocodiles, monkeys, thousands of species of birds, sloth bears, insects, dolphins, whales, fish, snakes, sharks, iguanas, a tourist destination filled with energy and nature.

Have the best experience of your life in our destination, Costa Rica. Albatros Airlines invites you to enjoy of this PURA VIDA trip that takes you As far as you dream it…