Conditions for Unaccompanied Underage

The youngest age allowed for a child to travel unaccompanied is of five (5). The parent or representative of the child must present to the Alianza Glancelot, C.A. (Albatros Airlines) a permission by the State Council for the Right of the children and Adolescents including: destination, address, telephone number, name of the embarking person and person picking up the child. The document must be notarized. This is applicable to Venezuelan passengers. Foreigners must present their passport only. The embarking person must sign the document of exclusion of liability with all the information requested there.

  • Alianza Glancelot, C.A. (Albatros Airlines) allowed minors to travel unaccompanied from the age of five (5) until seventeen (17).

  • The representative must sign the FRSE (Report of Special Service Format).

  • The unaccompanied minor will carry a plastic Identification card around his neck with the letters UM.

  • The unaccompanied minor passengers must be the first to embark and the last to disembark from the plane and will sit at the front row, near the Flight attendants providing that it is available based on the number of previous booked seats.

  • The Flight Attendants will be responsible of the minors during the flight and will guide them to the Traffic Agents of Alianza Glancelot, C.A. (Albatros Airlines).

  • When checking in the minors, the parents or legal representatives will be notified that under no circumstances would they leave the airport until the plane takes off regardless of apparent delays. In case of extended delays, in which the connection of the minros is compromised, another flight will be recommended to the parents or legal representatives in order to avoid additional inconvenient to the child.

  • The representative must accompany and present the complete documentation of the minros to the Traffic Agents of Alianzan Glancelot, C.A. (Albatros Airlines) at the check-in.

  • The representative will accompany the minors until the boarding door as allowed by Airtport Authority of the departing airport, and will not leave the terminal until thirty (30) minutes after the plane takes off.