Embark on an island filled with history, culture, night landscapes and lots of fun.

White sand and utter relaxation....

Crystal clear beautiful seaside. Aruba?s beaches are constantly included among the top most visited beaches of the world, some of them are Alabastro, Boca Prins, Eagle Beach.

One extreme island

Aruba?s geography is perfect to make all kinds of extreme water sports such as surfing, night diving, snorkeling, mountain bike, kite and skydiving. You can also go on jeep tours.

Aruba and its secrets

Find local treasures in little-known places such as Guadirikiri caverns in the Arikok sanctuary or the marine ecosystem inside the Jane C Wreck.

It?s time for shopping or a cocktail

Shopping Paradise! The greatest brands of the world can be found at comfortable and affordable prices. By night, it?s time to visit the best restaurants, casinos and bars of the Caribbean.

Aruba is best known as the Happy Island all around the world, and that is simply because there is not a single moment where happiness does not fill the air, all this due to of the many activities, bright colors and warming people of the island.

The slogan rapidly spread after a group of creative tourists once set foot on the island a long time ago. This phrase has become a symbol which meaning needs little explanation for many living in Europe, Asia, North or Latin America.

The entire island emanates an aura which turns out perfectly to enjoy either a long vacation break or a rushing romantic stay. Most tourists plan their dream wedding here where beautiful sunsets serve as unforgettable sceneries regardless of the hotel or resort you might stay at.

Aruba is a perfect destination for all tourists thanks to the wide range of activities it offers, a one-of-a-kind experience easily adapted to satisfy every one?s taste.

Butterfly Farm

The butterfly farm is a highly recommended family location you must include in your tour stops.

Hooiberg Mountain

This monumental nature attraction reaches 168m above the sea level from where you can enjoy a panoramic view. It is by far one on the most recommended visits for risk takers.

Rock Formation

There are fascinating and intriguing geologic formations in the island serving as viewpoints for the adventurers, a strange place where you can find the rock formations of Ayo.

Boca Prins Beach

It is a hidden beach located to the northeast coast in the Arikok Nation Park where you can also enjoy the view from your favorite restaurants.

Divi – Divi

Aruba?s tree Divi-Divi is one of its most interesting symbols, and one of the most used elements in stamps and promotion cards. It is very easy to distinguish since it bends from 45? to 90? getting the shape of an umbrella.

Pink Flamingo

The Renaissance Island has an extension of 48 hectares and 300m to the front of the coast of the main island of Aruba. This place serves as home to multiple flamingoes bringing a unique attraction for those tourists interested in spending some time with them. These flamingoes are also a remarkable symbol of the Happy Island.

There is no doubt that our destination Aruba is a perfect place for our customers. Albatros Airlines invites you to enjoy of the happiness and get As far as you dream?