We are specialists in expediting proceedings of workload consolidations, good shipment with storage and logistic consulting in custom operations.

Albatros Cargo is an agency of national and international air cargo with its main office in Venezuela operating as a good shipping company. It also serves as supportive entity for Albatros Airlines.

Our trained human capital offers a quality service to the clients, offering punctuality and safety of their cargo.

It also functions as a back-up entity for Albatros Airlines operations.

Our most important commitment is that customers feel satisfied and confident with the service offered, Albatros Cargo is the way to transfer Your Fast and Safe Charge.

If you wish to contribute with us for consolidation or cargo transport write to us at

We are trained to carry out Cargo Consolidation and build up complete pallets, putting goods of different clients together with the purpose of reducing air freight costs.

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We are trained to ship in and out cargo of certain numbers of goods. This service is part of a logistic chain in charge of delivering one or more products at the right moment and to the right place of destination.

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Our most important commitment is to satisfy our clients through comfort and trust based on the service provided. Albatros Cargo is the best way to ship your cargo Fast and Safe.

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