We offer services of aircraft maintenance to our clients in the private and commercial area

OMAC N-569 is a strategic unit that commercializes the Aeronautical technology capacities of our organization offering excellent and high quality services to our customers on the commercial and private aviation.

Our maintenance service is made under high quality control meeting the supplier requirements and aeronautical authority which results is always translated into efficient work.


  • Wide experience in terms of execution, supervision, monitoring and control before, during and after the maintenance operations.

  • We are expert at teamwork and working under pressure.
  • We offer excellent quality service.
  • Personalized assistance and accurate and efficient feedback.
  • We have for you the best staff of the country, always characterized by our commitment, devotion and readiness.

OMAC ? N-569 offers services of

  • Line maintenance, Preventive maintenance and Maintenance (MSG-3 Program) to the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan and Embraer EMB-120 systems.
  • Line Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance and Maintenance to the ?A? service (MSG-2 Program) for the Boeing 737 system 300/400/500 series.
  • Monitoring service in the hot section of the pt6a-114a engine.

OMAN N-569 is located in the center of the country and has an alternative office at Josefa Camejo in Punto Fijo International Airport, Falcon State, where we offer:

  • Line Maintenance to the Gran Caravan 208B, Embraer 120 and Boeing 737- 300/400/500 airplanes.

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